rents applicable to the LME Warrants for the period from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016,

Cu 0,43 US.$ X TONN. X DAY

Al 0,47 US.$ X TONN. X DAY

Pb 0,42 US.$ X TONN. X DAY

Ni 0,50 US.$ X TONN. X DAY

Zn 0,44 US.$ X TONN. X DAY

and to quote for the FOT rates about the same period,

Cu 29,00 € per TONN

Al 29,00 € per TONN

Pb 29,00 € per TONN

Ni 29,00 € per TONN

Zn 29,00 € per TONN

if requested :

- Free on Rail Euro 20,00 per Tonn

- Free Alongside Euro 5,00 per Tonn

- Free in Container Yard Euro 11,00 per ton

relate to the cost of packing a container at a facility nominated by the Warehouse, with the cost of transportation of such container to and from the facility being for the account of the metal owner

- Metal re-warranting Euro 2,50 per Ton

- Slot rescheduling Euro 2,50 per Tonn

- Above charges are to add on the FOT rates

For avoid waiting times on FOT please following this instruction

All clear instruction should be send by e.mail the working day before, not later that 04.00 pm

Together with instruction we must receive suplier’s invoice / final release